How The Process Works

We understand that every customer is different and unique, therefore we feel it is essential to give every customer the opportunity to build a fully custom Defender or make modifications to their existing vehicle to reflect their individuality. Whether it be custom wheels, carbon fiber finish interior trim, luxurious leather to suit your taste or a custom exterior color – we have it covered in-house. When it comes to customizing your Defender, the options are endless. From changes to the drive train and fully customized suspension to highly customized luxury interiors and paint colors, including LINE-X sprays, if you can visualize it – we’ll make it a reality.


Design & Configure


The drive-line which includes the engine, transmission and axles are generally replaced with upgraded items which will allow us to add modern luxuries such as Air Conditioning and interior electronic luxuries that the original lower powered engines would have been unable to support.

Of course, if a truly original vehicle is required we can rebuild and restore the original components. If the original engine is required we strip down and fully rebuild everything including pistons, heads, valves, seals, gaskets and install a rebuilt or new carburetor or diesel injection system.

The preferred route for the majority of customers is replacing with the tried and trusted LS3, but with an eye on the future we are proud to announce a partnership with Electrogenic that allows us to offer a full electric drivetrain.

Xerbera is well staffed to professionally install any drive train option chosen by a customer. We start the process by defining how your Defender will be used and then suggest a proper engine to your unique lifestyle.

We have successfully installed several different GM crate engines in our builds – LS3, LT1, LT4, LC9, LV3 to name a few. Additionally, for customers with a desire for greater torque and MPG, we also offer Diesel powered motors such as the Cummins R2.8.

Any Defender built by Xerbera Automotive will have more than enough power to take you anywhere you wish and enough attitude to have fun anywhere in your adventures. All our Defenders are built to effortlessly take on anything that lies ahead in your adventures.

The LT4 Experience

From a classic original factory Defender to a custom LT1 or LT4 powered SPECTRE 007 Edition we can create anything you require. If you need us to supply the base Defender we will happily support you with a Texas Registered fully legal imported D110 or D90 Defender. Our Signature LT4 Experience is available either completely or in pieces as part of a different package for the most discerning of customers.

With years of experience in managing a successful and one of the largest classic car restoration shops in Dallas Texas and as one of the only installers globally to shoehorn the new GM LT1 engine into a C3 Corvette (as well as numerous LS upgrades into the same platform) we are very well positioned to upgrade your Defender with just about any performance package you could desire. We believe Xerbera Automotive was the first Defender Restoration shop to have installed the new GM LT4 into a classic Defender. Of course the LT4 was developed as a demonstration of capability. We also use the LT1 Engine (The replacement for the older LS3 Unit) to give an equally wonderful experience in a more manageable package.

Coil Springs & Shocks Suspension

To complement our exterior and performance upgrades we have a vast range of suspension kits for the Defender.

We can advise and guide you on how to get the best out of your Defender and for your specific requirements, be it for city/highway use or off-road use.

With the proper suspension kit, it will be so much fun behind the wheel of your Defender and enhance the Defender’s behavior on the road.

Our kits utilize comfort springs, a selection of Bilstein, Terrafirma, Fox or Koni dampers and anti-rolls bars.

We also offer Fast Road suspensions by Bowler.

These upgrades transform handling through greatly reduced body roll and much improved damping, resulting in increased comfort.

Additionally, the lowering springs kits are available and will offer improved visual looks and handling for both the D90 and D110 models.

We install lift kits for customers who wish to heighten their Defenders for use with larger wheel and tire combination or off-road use.

Air Suspension System

VB Air Suspension offers increased comfort, better drivability and enhanced safety. On and Off-Road.
The VB Air Suspension System is custom designed specifically for the Land Rover Defender rather than utilizing parts from other vehicles which compromises functionality and durability.
This system features an air spring on each corner, replacing the original coil spring. Controlled by a height sensor linked to a central electronic control unit. This gives the vehicle a monitored constant ride height no matter what the load. The Defender historically has suffered from a sagging of the rear end when road springs have got a little tired or when heavy loads have been inflicted on the rear of the vehicle or tow hitch. This means that the average 110 payload of 1000kg or a 3500kg trailer finds the Defender dragging its backside along the tarmac. When a Defender is fitted with the four corner (4C) VB Air Suspension System these woes are all in the past. As long as the manufacturers payload and towing limits are not exceeded the Defender will maintain a constant ride height to the millimeter.
The system is controlled by a hand-set within the cab where you can adjust the ride height, select off road for more challenging surfaces or select car park to drop the vehicle to near its bump stomps for loading and passenger access. The system can be manually over-ridden with 2 memory settings which can aid someone who regularly attaches the same trailer or indeed someone that needs to access an underground car park.
Options on this system include Auto-Level, this option allows the user to level the vehicle when the engine is turned off which is ideal when parking on a slope, for example when using roof tents on expeditions. Another option is the facility to inflate the air-bags independently of the control system in the event of an unlikely electronic breakdown.


  • Constant ride height
  • Better drivability, increased stability and improved comfort
  • Enhanced passenger comfort
  • Less wear on tires and brakes
  • Custom designed and manufactured specifically for the Land Rover Defender
  • Raised to its maximum +50mm setting. It can also be lowered to -110mm with a number of pre-sets accessible from the remote control unit
  • Controlled by a hand-set within the cab where you can adjust the ride height, select off road for more challenging surfaces or select car park to drop the vehicle to near its bump stomps for loading and passenger access.

Performance Disc Brakes 

The braking system will generally be upgraded from the (most likely) rear drum brakes to modern Land Rover discs with all new calipers, lines, and pads installed. We also offer upgraded packages from Wilwood featuring 6 piston braking up front and 4 rear using 14 inch discs.
Wilwood Engineering designs and manufactures high-performance disc brake systems. Since the company’s inception in 1977 by Bill Wood, they have developed a substantial matrix of brake components and engineering techniques that allow Wilwood to quickly and reliably create brake systems for almost any application.
In addition to designing and manufacturing brakes for all types of competitive motor sports, Wilwood also manufactures brake systems and components for agricultural equipment, industrial applications, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, quads, motorcycles and military vehicles.
Wilwood’s engineering department uses the latest computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques in conjunction with finite element analysis, dynamic test and cycle test equipment, to find high-performance and reliability solutions for the most difficult braking tasks. 
Wilwood is ISO 9000 compliant and has extensive experience maintaining quality levels of 100ppm or less for original equipment manufacturers.
Wilwood Performance Disc Brakes offers the largest selection of brake kits with specifically engineered and matched groups of components designed to provide superior brake system performance and custom appeal over a wide range of applications.
The unsurpassed braking capacity of the forged billet six-piston caliper serves as the base of the group of 14” big rotor kits.
Big brake kits are engineered application specific for simplified installation and full compatibility with OE master cylinder output and ABS functions where used. Big brake kits provide increased brake capacity and complimentary style with wheel, tire, and suspension upgrades.
Optional caliper finishes and rotor designs simplify personalizing the style and braking requirements of any application.


We offer a vast range of exterior modifications and upgrades for Defenders. We have an endless list of options, enabling you to fully customize your Defender, be it for city/highway use or off-road.

Exterior aesthetics are usually top of the list when starting any customization. From wide body panels, wheels and bumper upgrades, to grille and facelift styling, to paint colors or LINE-X sprays, we can offer a truly custom solution to your vision, offering our expert advice and the highest quality products available on the market.


Xerbera Automotive provide you with a rare and rewarding opportunity, to own a vehicle that is truly focused and customized to your preferences .

All the bells and whistles on the outside? Why not get that interior matching… From different stitch patterns, different colors and designs – you come to us with an idea, we’ll make that happen for you.

The Defender interior can be transformed with a wide range of interior upgrades. Whether you fancy a set of bucket seats, a smaller and more manageable Momo racing steering wheel or a full custom designed luxury interior – we can help.

We can customize every part of a Defender interior, from seats and custom center console, to steering wheels and dashboards, to door cards and trims.

A custom tailored interior is always the final touch of any upgraded vehicle and it gives you the chance to put your personal touch and add a luxury feel to your Defender.

As our interiors are fully custom tailored to customer specifications, allowing you to choose every aspect from the colors, styles and patterns – we are able to offer further personalized touches such as company logos embroidery into seats, headrests or mats.

The options are endless! We have sourced the finest materials, and use some of the best craftsmen in the business to bring you unsurpassed quality.

Accessories & Upgrades

It is an undeniable fact that no Defender ever stays “standard”. Some owners start to modify their trucks on day one and create a whole new beast in a very short time, others take their time and choose a few select mods and add new toys over the years as their needs and requirements develop. Bellow you will find a list of the most popular accessories and upgrades that new Defender owners ask to fit to their vehicles. All can be professionally installed at our workshop. Let us tailor your custom Defender to your specific needs and requirements.

Appearance Package

  • Wide body kit
  • Tinted windows
  • Carbon fiber or wood interior trim
  • Billet aluminum door handles & trim
  • Momo steering wheel
  • Spare wheel carrier
  • Window wind & rain deflectors
  • Wing top & bonnet RAM AIR intakes
  • KBX air vents, grille & light surrounds
  • Snow cowls
  • Upgraded wheel arches
  • Chequer plates
  • Side steps
  • Custom badges & lettering

Off-Road Package

  • External roll cage by Safety Devices
  • Roof rack & Rear Ladder
  • Suspension lift kit
  • Winch bumper with Warn winch
  • Bumperettes & Light guards
  • Side rails, tree & rock sliders
  • Chequer plates
  • Skid plates & under-body protection
  • Safari snorkel raised air intake
  • Storage & organizer solutions
  • Gullwing windows
  • Roof top camper tents
  • HiLift jack
  • Trailer hitch

Convenience Package

  • Air conditioning
  • Premium audio system
  • Speaker panels
  • Terrafirma roof console
  • Bulkhead removal bar (D90 models)
  • Push button engine start
  • Remote start & security system
  • Auxiliary light switches & controllers
  • Heated seats
  • Heated mirrors
  • Blind spot mirrors
  • Power windows (front & rear)

Technology package

  • Navigation with back up camera & Bluetooth system
  • Blind spot and lane change assist monitoring
  • Back up parking sensors

Lighting Package

  • LED lights upgrade kit
  • LED roof light bars
  • Front bumper with LED daytime running lights
  • Puddle lights


Custom built Defenders to comply with modern standards

A truly modern icon, the Land Rover Defender is recognized as the ultimate vehicle for off-road and on the road adventures. As time has progressed it has also become a truly urban symbol. The defender surpasses all class and culture boundaries.

At Xerbera Automotive, we hold a deep seated passion for these wonderful creatures. We dedicate ourselves to preserving the history and tradition of the classic D90 and D110 Defender – creating modern versions of this classic truck with a modern twist.

Whether you choose one of our available packages, or want to work with us to build your own custom Defender, we are here to help you experience the joy of driving a genuine iconic Land Rover.

Please check out our inventory of Defenders available for adoption.


Every Defender is built by hand, piece by piece, not a single bolt is left untouched.

Each Defender we build becomes a part of the family. Sending any re-built Defender out to a client is much like sending your son or daughter off to college. We are dedicated to building the best possible Defender at every budget.

Maintaining an extremely high level of quality during each stage of the restoration or build process is paramount and overseen by the QC inspection department. Every part is rigorously inspected by our highly skilled QC team.

We obsess over the smallest details, but it’s always worth it at the end! Once the build is complete, your Defender will be subjected to tough testing procedures to make sure everything works as it should.

All of our vehicles are test driven before final delivery to ensure that every feature and function meets our rigorous standards. Simply put, any Defender built by Xerbera Automotive does not leave our workshop until it is deemed 100% safe and reliable.

Interested in a Custom Defender?

Xerbera is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way connected with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates or dealerships. DEFENDER is a registered trademark of JLR. All DEFENDER vehicle images on this website are for illustratiive, public display and decoration purposes only to convey the concept and vision for the DEFENDER builds with no intent to reproduce or recreate these images.

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